6 month research pilot to capture, analyse and produce AI powered academic portfolios.
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what you can expect


Phase 1
We will collect and store your child’s academic data: Didactics requires, first and foremost, this data to provide rich insights and train our machine learning algorithms.
Phase 2
Provide you with analytics about your child's learning: Didactics will chart your child’s performance and demonstrate trends in the data you provide, benchmarking this data against a suite of relevant metrics.
Phase 3
Phase 3: Launch a personalised portfolio of your child designed for parents: And finally, with enough data to ensure our algorithms are trained, we will provide a comprehensive portfolio and analytics dashboard for your child’s journey through primary education

The Details

  • Report Cards
  • Term Progress Reports
  • CAT4 reports
  • Any other items from your child’s academic life.
  • Gap analysis of your child: learning outcomes stipulated in the British curriculum.
  • Benchmarking your child: We will demonstrate how your child fares against national and global standards.
  • Lifetime free usage: As a member of the initial pilot, wewill give you a free lifetime membership to our service.
*For current and all previous years you have.

Sign Up Process

To register your interest for the pilot please submit the form below. Within 24 hours an email will be sent to you with the sign-up page. During the registration you will be prompted to upload documents. It would be great if you had those documents ready for upload when completing the form. You can always email for any clarifications on the documents.
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Personal commitment from CEO & Founder.

As the CEO and Co-Founder of Ethan and Co, I spend the majority of my time directly engaged with young children in both academic and extracurricular environments in the context of innovation and creative skills development. It is my opinion that our children will not under the current education framework, be prepared for the future of automation and a world controlled by Artificial Intelligence. This is in no way the fault of Educators, they are simply part of an aging system that is not evolving at the pace required. As a result, Parents can not simply rely on Educators to ensure the academic success of their children. They need to engage and better understand learning outcomes against academic standards and monitor and track progress. My mission with Didactics is to give parents the insights and tools they need to champion their children to success in what is expected to be a very different and uncertain future.

Micheline Pollock
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