Data is the Key to Unlocking your Child's Potential.

April 13, 2020

The secular transition towards a skills-based economy and increasing human capital migration. As children are more likely now to be enrolled in many schools  often across different curricula,  it is our belief that it is important for parents to have a one-stop portfolio that reflects the entire learning of their child. At Ethan and Co, we believe that changing schools and curriculum should not impede your child’s learning.  We believe that you child’s primary education experience deserves as much attention as later years. We also believe that the data in these years is a powerful resource that could help address or identify the unique learning profiles of children in the future. With Didactics, parents can take a pre-emptive approach to these problems and prepare for the future of education.

With the power of your Child's data Ethan and Co hope to work with parents to deliver the following:

1. Comprehensive education portfolio: Didactics helps parents upload and catalogue all items related to their child’s learning across subjects, curricula, schools of enrolment, and more. Didactics provides a centralized annex to enable parents to track their child’s learning journey through the years of primary education.  

2. Demystifying progress:  By curating/developing content to help parents navigate the primary education ecosystem.  Parents will be to access content relevant to the learning of their child: From curricula requirements, school requirements, national learning standards, and a variety of other action items.  

3. Insights: Didactics a suite of analyses  based on the data in the education portfolio. These include curricular-specific gap analyses, performance trends, knowledge maps and recommendations.  

4. Research-driven: Didactics will only deliver recommendations and insights that have been validated through peer review standards in established scientific journals.

5. AI-powered: Relevant machine learning techniques will be leveraged to yield insights from the data provided.

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