How Important are Parents for a Child's Academic Success?

February 21, 2019

Influences on Student Achievement.

The advent of the information age has put primary education at a crossroads: Is technology assisting or imperilling student achievement? Should schools stick with established pedagogical methods or increase their reliance on novel technologically-assisted tools? At Didactics, we believe that this formulation of the problem in education is misguided, if not placing the emphasis of responsibility for students’ achievement disproportionately onto educators, rather than parents. The research landscape broadly confirms this, a comprehensive meta-analysis of over 120,000 studies conducted by Dr. John Hattie examined the influences on student achievement concluding that student expectations (a concept referring to a complex of self-beliefs about potential, ability, etc. ) is the second largest driver of student achievement. More conclusively, the study revealed that around 50% of the variance in student achievement implicated factors within the control of parents and students themselves.

How Didactics Plays a Role for Parents.

While there is no consensus in the scientific community on what works best in education, the solution clearly lies in more data, better statistical rigour and sounder theory. Didactics intends to analyze the data you provide in keeping with established science, rather than an ideological application of any “Holy Grail” methods in education. Didactics even aims at resolving some of the criticisms of Dr. Hattie’s work, which will ultimately yield when the platform receives enough data. In sum, the scientific community recognizes an underlying truth about education; you get what you prioritize. Didactics prioritizes the wholesome flourishing of young learners. At Didactics, we intend to solve this problem by delivering on the promise of artificial intelligence in personalized education by using the data you provide to deliver research-validated insights about how your child actually learns.

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