About Us
We are a group of innovators who believe Parents hold the power to radically change primary education.

At Ethan&Co our goal is to demystify and validate how children learn in primary education by leveraging artificial intelligence tools. Today, parents possess of a trove of data pertaining to the learning of their child, yet this important resource is not captured in any meaningful way to yield actionable insights. Parents rely on legacy practices of term progress reports based largely on qualitative assessments of progress, which often do not reflect the highly nuanced picture of their child’s learning progress.

Our work focuses in 3 areas, to deliver value to parents:
1) Centralizing the storage of data,
2) Validating the progress of their child through established research and curricular roadmaps.
3) Applying the most proven techniques in data science to bear on their child’s portfolio data.

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Parents are critical to the success of their children. Empower your child to achieve.
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